“The Best Tactical & Superhero Laser Tag Setups In India”

About Us

Laser Tag has been around since a long time. It usually includes wired headbands, bulky weapons, cheap electronic sounds, black lights & cliché glow-in-the-dark arenas.

We plan to change all that with our Tactical & Superhero Laser Tag Setups. Our setups includes state of the art infrared equipped assault rifles, pistols, tactical vests, paintball laser tag, superhero kits and a lot more that even includes realistic weapon recoil, muzzle flash and all the goodies from their real world counterparts.

It’s fully wireless can be used just about anywhere, indoor and outdoor.

It’s as fun and intense as paintball but without the dirt and the clean up.

Our Tactical Laser Tag system introduces a pain penalty when a player is shot in a form of either a vibration or an electric jolt. This simulates the intensity of battle but in a controlled environment.

It’s absolutely safe and can be used with any age group.

We are the first to launch the Tactical & Superhero Laser Tag systems in the India.



Everyone can play

Our facilities are designed in the most versatile way possible so that everyone can play.

No matter how old you are, how fit you are and even if you are differently abled, you can still enjoy adventure with the highest safety standards. .


“Me being physically handicapped, I didn’t imagine playing paintball but Varun & team made it possible.”

Dharmesh Jain, Smaaash Mumbai


1. What is Laser tag?
Laser tag is a tag game played with lasers. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played.
2. Are the tactical Laser tag systems safe?
All our equipment equipment is manufactured to the highest level, following the ISO9000 standard. The laser beam emitted is technically an IR signal, similar to that found on your television remote. Emitting LED diode is FDA approved and harmless to the human eye. The 2.4Ghz RF signal used for communication between all products is also a world-wide standard, completely harmless to the human body. All product are certified as a non-gun, meaning the products cannot be converted into actual firearms at any time.
3. Does the shock belt hurt?
For those over the age of 18, the shocking belt delivers a pain penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels and ensures more tactical gameplay. Several configurations are available to simulate wounds, vibrate, and otherwise alert the player when he or she has been shot. Players can experience the closest thing to live combat outside of a warzone.
4. Can you track my heart rate during the game?
Yes, the polar heart rate monitor incorporated in the shock belt can monitor heart rates in real time & display it on the main screen.
5. How far can my laser tag guns shoot?
All our laser tag guns can shoot up to 200 ft (60m) in bright sunlight. They can shoot more on cloudy days and over 500 ft (150m) indoors.
6. Does your equipment work outdoors or in any environment?
Yes. Our technology allows use indoors and outdoors, in the cold, hot, rain, snow, or other.
7. Are the tactical laser guns water proof?
All our equipment systems are designed to be used in all types of weather conditions. They are water resistant but NOT water proof. They can be used in the rain or snow but should be thoroughly dried out after use before being used again. If the laser tag equipment does get completely submerged in water, immediately power it down, remove the batteries (if applicable), and let it fully dry out for 48 hours before using again.
8. Is Tactical Laser Tag Suitable for children?
Yes it is. Our Superhero systems are designed specifically for children. We don’t like to see kids running around with guns so our little warriors, upto 12 years old can pretend to be superheroes & battle each-other in the best designed & safest laser tag arenas in around.
9. What is the minimum age?
5-12 years for the superhero laser tag, 13 years & above for the paintball laser tag systems & 16 years and above for the tactical laser tag system.
10. Can we bring alcohol to the centre?
No alcohol is permitted on site. Any players who have been drinking will be excluded from the games and asked to leave the centre.
11. What days are you open?
Our centres are open almost 365 days a year. We do strongly recommend booking your desired date well in advance to avoid disappointment.
12. What happens on the day?
On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will check you in. After you have filled out registration forms you will be kitted up with all the gear needed for the day and undergo a compulsory safety briefing. Then the action starts! You will play 3-12 varied games depending on your chosen package, with short refreshment breaks in between to reload your paintballs and discuss tactics!
13. Do I need to fill out a registration form?
All players attending our games are required to complete our registration form before they begin play. Players under 16 years must have their form signed by an adult.
14. How many players do I need to bring?
Anywhere from 4 to 10 players per game would be just fine.
15. Will my child be playing with adults?
Where possible we will join your group with a group of similar age. However, there are often groups of mixed ages (when parents like to play with their children, or there are older siblings joining in etc).
16. What times can we play?
You can call in and check with our centre manager for bookings and regular operating timings.


“The battlefield is awesome, guns and safety briefing is very good.”

- Aakanksha Doshi

Smaaash Mumbai

“Safety was really good. Game modes were fun.”

- Mohd Adnan

Smaaash Mumbai

“It was a lot of fun, Very realistic setup.”

- Aman Ahuja

Smaaash Mumbai

“Everything was awesome!!! Very Thrilling!”

- Murtuza Barbhaiwala

Smaaash Mumbai

“This is a game where a person can have fun and at the same time get a bit of the feeling of the real war fighting.”

- Vivek Agarwal

Smaaash Mumbai

“It feels like you are in a real war.”

- Dhruv Jhaveri

Smaaash Mumbai

“It was a great experience because you did it for the first time. In one word, Superb.”

- Manav Shah

Smaaash Mumbai

“The guns are too cool. The costumes are well planned.”

- Kimaya Kuwelkar

Smaaash Mumbai

Our Services



We put together a detailed plan to setup and operate your premium urban extreme sports attractions. This also includes all financial documentation, future projections and operation plans, customized to your needs.



We provide you with the best equipment available, imported from our premium partners from across the world and delivered to your door step. We also provide you with regular maintenance and monthly upgrades to keep your customers coming back for more.



A good design that strikes a balance between performance & practicality is key to your turnover. We provide you with custom designs that make full use of the available space with the least amount of modifications.



Procurement of field obstacles, lighting, setup of structure, graffiti work and electrical work could be a task. Our professional team can setup the entire facility as per your needs.



We ensure that the operation staff are provided the best training related to safety, operations, troubleshooting, customer management, upselling and everything else related to management and growth of the business.
Our referees are trained to conduct games with the highest safety and operational standards at all times.



Our team will provide your personnel, operations and maintenance training through our in-house training modules. We provide a customized training experience to suit your requirements.



Using the sport of Paintball, Tactical Laser Tag and other extreme activities, we have developed our own corporate training modules. This would include various training activities such as team building, scenario support, objective training and many others. This just might be the most amount of fun your team could have while training at work.



Test, test, test and some more testing! We spend a good amount of time testing to make sure that the venue is as fun and safe as it can be.



Safety is our main concern, we do not compromise on cost or quality. We set the best safety standards at your establishment and ensure they are regularly followed.



We provide you with full operational support, from day to day operations to regular support activities, we provide them all.

our projects

Paintball Laser Tag- At Smaaash

  • In 2014 we launched ‘Paintball Laser Tag’ for the first time in India at Smaaash, Mumbai.
  • Our Paintball Laser Tag System used the body of paintball markers but the internals are replaced with laser tag sensors which provided the same feel of paintball but saftey of laser tag to your young players.
  • We were able to use the new paintball laser tag systems on the same military themed paintball field with laser tag guns that are a lot less intimidating to young kids & famlies.
  • Adding in the new system also helped us generate a lot more additional sales during the down time in-between paintball games.
    n be used on the same battlefield with laser tag guns that are a lot less intimidating.
  • It’s projectile-less system is safe for everyone and unlike paintball, requires no special safety equipment.
  • It is the new painless way to play paintball without the mess!
  • Unlike traditional laser tag systems, our Paintball Laser Tag equipment was enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

Private Clients

We’ve setup some of the best projects for our special clients all across India and abroad. Keeping the privacy of our clients in mind, we do not disclose any details regarding the locations or personal setups designs.

our systems

Tactical Laser Tag system – Adults

  • This is the future of live action gaming. It’s the most realistic force-on-force laser combat system in the world today. It can be played anywhere at any time.
  • Our weapon systems are modeled after real-world components. Their size, form, and function are just like the real thing. This means your slings, sights, stocks, and other add-ons attach seamlessly.
  • Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the mag and slam on a new one to keep playing.

Tactical Laser Tag system – Gear

  • The weapons used are based off the real world M4A1 assault rifles and Glock pistols and are completely safe as they do not shoot any projectiles.
  • They have the same weight, function, and action are identical to the real thing.
  • All weapons have recoil and muzzle flash. The smart magazines can be changed when the player is out of ammunition and adds a lot of realism.
  • The Shock Belt introduces the world’s first laser tag pain penalty. Being totally safe it delivers a pain penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels and ensures more tactical game play.
  • All guns, vests, headbands and belts are connected wirelessly and can take a lot of abuse.

Tactical Laser Tag system – Player Profiles

  • Players can track their progress in real time just like video game.
  • Their health bar, ammunition and heart rate are tracked and displayed in real time over the control server.
  • The player can access all this information at any point by logging into our server and share it with their friends.

Paintball Laser Tag- Teens & families

  • We are not comfortable with the idea of kids running around with replica guns therefore we have entirely different tactical laser tag systems for kids upto 16 years and families.
  • Our Paintball Laser Tag System uses the body of paintball markers but the internals are replaced with laser tag sensors and can be used on the same battlefield with laser tag guns that are a lot less intimidating.
  • It’s the only game you can actually go head to head against your kids and it’s still absolutely safe for everyone.

Superhero laser tag- Kids upto 12 years

  • For our little players, 12 years and bellow we have the revolutionary Superhero system where we strap on a Laser Blaster device on to their wrist with special Vest that includes a cape so the little guys and girls can play like Iron Man all day long.
  • Everyone can play and it’s the perfect family game where you can actually go head and shoot your kids and it’s still absolutely safe for everyone.

The portable Battlefield

  • Using some of the most innovative inflatable obstacles available, we can setup a portable battlefield just about anywhere with inflatables that look like boxes, barrels, Humvees, tanks, etc.
  • The inflatables are extremely safe and are ideal for all age groups.
  • They are easy to move and setup when required.




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The master blaster, the legend of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.



World’s fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar.



Our field at Smaaash was the set for a movie shoot for the climax scene for Sonam Kapoor’s film Khoobsurat (2014).



The unbreakable Yuvraj Singh.

dwayne bravo


West Indian all rounder Dwayne Bravo.


Varun Das | Director

Varun Das | Director

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